Thursday, January 31, 2008

Significant road repair work required at Olympic

The National Park Service at Olympic National Park issued a press release today detailing the known damage caused by this winter's storms to several park roads. The news is sobering.

For example the Quinault South Shore road has a 750 ft washout, with another 150 buried in debris. Meanwhile, the North Fork road is still blocked by countless downed trees, whereas the Graves Creek road has extensive damage in at least three locations.

The park is developing alternatives to permanently repair damaged roadways and provide more sustainable access along the South Shore Road and Graves Creek Road. The public is asked to provide comments to help develop the alternatives, which will be presented in an environmental assessment to be released later this year. Comments will be accepted now through March 5, 2008 during the 30-day scoping period.

Comments must be submitted by March 5th and can be sent on-line by visiting here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Things at Rainier Looking Up!

After massive storms last winter, the National Park Service (NPS) reports things are returning to normal at Mount Rainier, Washington's icon national park. This summer, the Park Service expects hikers to be able to complete the entire wonderland route around the mountain. The historic trail had been damaged in approximately 16 places, so some reroutes were required. Also, the NPS believes damage to state route 123 on the park's east side will be repaired by the start of the summer season, allowing visitors to enter on one side of the park and exit at another. Finally, the NPS will soon take public comments on what to do with the carbon river road in the park's northwest corner. The Carbon river road has washed out repeatedly and the NPS is looking for suggestions on a sustainable long term public access solution.