Monday, July 28, 2008

Olympic Sees More Progress, Trail Repaired

The National Park Service announced last week that progress is being made on repairs to Olympic National Park's Hurricane Ridge road. Culverts have been installed and new rock walls have been completed. Work on repaving sections of the road remain. As such, motorists should expect delays for the next several weeks. Work will also begin on the Switchback trail parking area, which was damaged during last winter's storms.

Meanwhile, a NPCA led trail crew brushed, graded and repaired several sections of the Peabody Creek trail. Volunteers from around the Puget Sound spent Saturday repairing and restoring 2.5 miles of this trail which had not seen maintenance this year. In several spots storm and water runoff had created deep trenches and gullies. These channels had to be dug, raked and regraded to allow safe passage.
Thanks to everyone who participated.

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